About me

I communicate and collaborate to create conservation success.

I’m an environmental social scientist using cutting-edge strategic communications and engagement advice – informed by the best available evidence – to help you achieve more impact and reach your intended goals and audiences. Because of my passion for communications and storytelling, I founded Be In The Change, a non-profit that inspires future changemakers to help make a positive difference in their local community.

With a PhD in social-ecological systems and 15 years’ experience as an environmental professional, I’m serious about helping to enhance sustainable development to benefit people and nature. I use evidence-based recommendations to support communications, policy and engagement tactics that more effectively influence key decision makers to better protect the natural world.

I use social science to help advise your projects so that you can better understand, inform and improve sustainable development interventions. Having given training workshops around the world, written journal articles, policy briefings and book chapters on a range of sustainability topics, I’m happy to help you with your sustainability work too.

I am a trained media spokesperson with extensive experience being interviewed on TV and radio
I am a trained media spokesperson with extensive experience being interviewed on TV and radio

Skilled in strategic written, verbal and visual communications, I use science-based communication techiques to quietly engage, inspire and inform diverse audiences that help you gain more impact with your work.

My written communication portfolio spans academic publications such as journal articles and book chapters to press articles for the general public, as well as science communication on Twitter. Having worked extensively at the science-policy interface at NGOs and in academia, I have a wide range of experience writing effective policy briefings as well as formulating and undertaking strategic communications to achieve set advocacy and policy objectives.

Presenting at the US Embassy on how to tackle illegal wildlife trade
Presenting at the US Embassy on how to tackle illegal wildlife trade

As an expert verbal communicator and professional spokesperson, I tailor my message to target audiences and objectives. I’m trained in delivering succinct conservation messages via TV, radio and print interviewsI’ve given oral evidence in the House of Commons and organised regular meetings with MPs and Ministers to advocate for science-based and sustainable policy change. Being passionate about engagement and outreach, I also frequently give talks and presentations to local and national audiences about my own work and on tips for how people can become more sustainable in their daily lives.

My research interests include sustainable agriculture and diets, coupled human and natural systems, social-ecological systems, sustainable development, natural resource management, politcal ecology, human-wildlife conflict and interactions, carnivore conservation, conservation policy and governance, community-based conservation, sustainable use/consumption and participatory methods. I work hard to ensure my research is collaborative so that the end results are useful, applicable and impactful.

If you’re interested in working with me on an environmental research, strategy or communication project, please get in touch.

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