Media interviews

I am an expert in carnivore conservation with a particular focus on felid (wild cat) and canid (wild dog) species. I’m also an experienced African field scientist and a researcher on trophy hunting, human-wildlife conflict and the illegal wildlife trade. I have been professionally trained as a media spokesperson and have many years of experience communicating about science for TV, radio and print. If you are looking to interview a conservation scientist/practitioner on any of these topics, do get in touch.

TV interviews

In March 2018, we released the results of our research looking into how climate change will affect 80,000 species in WWF’s Priority Places. I was interviewed on CNN and Huffington Post to talk about the findings.

Research published in 2017 found a previously-undiscovered wildlife haven in eastern Myanmar.  I was interviewed by Sky News about this awesome discovery. Click here to watch the interview.

In December 2016,  I was interviewed by BBC Breakfast and ITV to talk about the wildlife conservation success stories of the year. You can watch the videos here and here.

In December 2016, Sky News interviewed me about the Chinese domestic ivory ban.  You can watch the video here.

Back in September 2016, I was interviewed on BBC One’s Breakfast show to talk about the start of the CITES conference on endangered species.  I spoke about WWF’s positions on ivory and pangolin trade.  You can watch the clip here.

In 2016, I was interviewed by Sky News channel Arise TV on Africa’s poaching crisis.

I guess we all remember Cecil the lion. In 2015, I was interviewed live on the BBC Victoria Derbyshire show and BBC World Service to talk about the effects of trophy hunting on wildlife.

Radio and podcast interviews

BBC Radio London and Newcastle interviewed me on my experiences of working multiple jobs at the same time

Interviewed by AM800 radio about trophy hunting and poaching

Podcast interview with The Conversation about rewilding and shifting baseline syndrome

BBC Radio 4 interviewed me about human-wolf conflict

BBC 5 Live interviewed me about the discovery of a wildlife haven in Myanmar

BBC Radio Manchester interviewed me about wildlife trade

Interviewed by Dr Mike’s podcast on my career as a wildlife conservationist

BBC Radio Wales interviewed me about international wildlife trade

Wisconsin Public Radio interviewed me about Cecil the lion and trophy hunting

Print interviews


Interview with Wired on our research into whether nature documentaries should help viewers become more environmentally friendly

Interviewed by Mongabay on the incorrect research suggesting protected areas are universally good for people

Interviewed by Bloomberg and Business Live on the Botswana elephant trophy hunting debate


Interviewed by Earth News and OneNews about lion conservation

Interviewed by RealScientists about my week-long curation of the Twitter account @RealScientists

Interviewed by Geographical on the effects of climate change on wildlife

Interviewed by the Express on a collaboration to fight online illegal wildlife trade

Interviewed by Carbon Brief on human-lion conflict

Interviewed by Farm Week about the 2017 National Wildlife Crime awards

Interviewed by KSL about the big cat trade in wild cats

Interviewed by InsideEcology about my career as a conservationist


Interviewed by various outlets the National Wildlife Crime Awards, which I presented at the annual conference. You can see coverage here, here and here.

Interviewed by GetSurrey on an award I presented to a Surrey local who won the WWF human-wildlife conflict technology challenge.

Interviewed by the BBC to talk about human-bear conflict in Europe.

Interviewed by the Press Association on the reintroduction of lynx to the UK.

Telegraph covered an article based on my Twitter feed about World Goth Day’s gothic animals.

Telegraph interviewed me for an article about endangered species.

Interviewed by NewsDeeply for an article about conservation and communities.


Interviewed by ITV on the increase in tiger numbers.

Interviewed by Herald Scotland on deer hunting in Scotland.


Interviewed by Mongabay about our research on reducing human-wildlife conflict through the use of swing gates.

‘Clever swing gate fools predators’, The Economist (Namibia)


Interviewed by The Conversation on the rebounding carnivore populations in Europe.

Interviewed by Mongabay on our research showing the effectiveness of livestock guarding dogs for reducing conflict.


‘Cheetahs get helping hand from guard dogs’, Conservation Magazine, 28 Nov 2013

‘Guard dogs reduce killing of threatened species’, Science Daily, 26 Nov 2013