In a nutshell

Are you wanting to improve your science communications to increase your research impact? Would you like to build your social media presence to engage more stakeholders? Have you been asked for media interviews but are unsure how to talk to the press? Are you confused about project management? Then read on!


As an expert in research communications, I provide training to academics, students and NGOs who are wanting to up their comms game. With experience in academia, NGOs and political advocacy, I offer communication consultancy services to help researchers, campaigners and think-tanks use the power of communication and strategic project management tools and tips to help you reach your goals more effectively.

I’ve given oral evidence at the House of Commons and developed science-based policy recommendations that together have led to changes in legislation. I’ve collaborated with The Duke of Cambridge’s The Royal Foundation to influence private sector change. I have also worked as a journalist for a decade, with articles published all over the world; my articles on The Conversation alone have gathered one million reads. I am regularly asked to be interviewed as an expert conservationist by TV, radio and newspaper journalists and have undertaken live interviews on CNN, Sky, BBC and ITV. My social media tips for academics have been published on PLOS and I have provided consultancy services to univesities, research institutions and NGOs to develop their communication and research strategies.

training topics

My training programmes are tailored to your needs and can be conducted in person or remotely via video conferencing. Training sessions can be as short as a one-hour taster to a full-day.

I cover a wide range of communications and research strategy topics, including (but not limited to):

  1. Policy communications, including an introduction to policy impact, writing a policy briefing, arranging and holding meetings with policymakers, arranging parliamentary events to launch research reports, speaking the language of politicians, how to build your credibility within the policy sphere
  2. Media communications, including writing a press release, how to garner media attention for your research or project, how to nail media interviews (newspapers, radio and TV), dealing with negative press (and how to avoid it), how to develop good relationships with journalists, how to help your press office help you, how to use the media to achieve research or project impact
  3. Digital communications, including developing a project or personal website, using social media for science communication, developing a coherent online presence, developing digital communication strategies
  4. Academic communications, including writing English as a second language, writing clear, impactful journal articles, giving memorable conference presentations, creating an engaging conference poster
  5. Outreach & engagement, including creating a stakeholder map, analysing stakeholders, developing target audiences, designing outreach & engagement strategies and tactics, creating communications Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning plans/KPIs, planning outreach/engagement events, talking in the language of your stakeholders, developing different communication collateral (e.g. websites, leaflets, workshops, seminars)
  6. Communication strategies for researchers and NGOs, including developing a comms plan, creating and using a comms events calendar, setting comms goals, objectives and strategies, creating comms toolkits, creating communication collateral
  7. Research strategy and project management, including theory of change, monitoring and evaluation, design and impact, SWOT, PEST, gap, stakeholder and risk analysis, and log frameworks.

Please contact me to discuss your communications or project management needs.

Some of my recent clients include: